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The Willapa Harbor Gun Club is a member owned nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and legal site for the use of firearms. The object of this organization shall be to educate and encourage the use of all firearms shooting among citizens of the United States residing in our community. This will include knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of such firearms and to enhance marksmanship skills of the shooting sports.

In addition, to engage in the preservation of clean air and water in our forests, streams, lakes and scenic areas and the preservation of our fish, game, and all other wildlife and to help teach the “youth” of the State of Washington the meaning of these objectives. It shall be our further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play, and self-reliance which are essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

We provide a 25 to 200 yard range for rifles, a 50′ to 50 yard range for pistols and a police/combat range for general use. We now have a new modern updated archery range. Our trap shooting range is up and running with competition following our meeting nights and on the 3rd Thursday of each month. There are WDFW Hunters Education programs provided throughout the year, which are free. We meet on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:00 P.M. in our club house which is equipped with all kitchen facilities and lavatories. We are an ADA handicap facility. The Range is gated and manned at all times by maintenance or range officials.

Membership is 70.00 annually due by the annual meeting in June which is pro-rated quarterly. All members & guests are required to sign in upon arrival. We also have a junior membership which is $25.00 annually. Locks are changed and a new key is issued at the annual meeting.

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